Fertility Screening Tests

Are you a couple trying to conceive or are you planning for the future? Our fertility screening package may be the one for you and your partner...

Getting pregnant is not always straightforward. 1 in 6 couples are having difficulties conceiving.

If you have any concerns with regards to your fertility or you simply want to plan for the future talk to us about an early fertility assessment.

We can provide early investigations to help identify couples who may need to be referred quickly for intervention. Our package is based on 5 appointments that include fertility bloods, ultrasound cycle assessment and GP fertility opinion for a fixed price of €450

1st Appointment – Day 3 Full fertility history and consultation + Fertility bloods
(including AMH, FSH,LH,TSH,Prolactin)*
2nd Appointment – Day13 Baseline Ultrasound Scan + follicle tracking
3rd Appointment – Day 17 Follicle tracking completed
4th Appointment – Day 21 2nd set of fertility bloods
5th Appointment GP consultation with results of all tests and recommendation

*sperm analysis and defragmentation can be arranged for a separate fee